The importance of buying local and shopping small this Christmas

The importance of buying local and shopping small this Christmas
With both pandemic-related and environmental considerations at the fore, it’s more important than ever to buy local this Christmas. Supporting independent businesses over large corporations could well be the difference between smaller sellers staying afloat or not. That’s why, where possible, we should be aiming to source gifts from local businesses this festive season, all while trying to minimise the environmental impact of deliveries, too. But where should we begin?

Support your locals

Wherever you live, you’re bound to have plenty of local businesses within reach — whether that’s physically or online. And you’ll have your favourites, too, so why not show them your support? For those of you in the Leeds area, there’s a big #BuyLeeds campaign that’s gaining traction, so if you’re wanting to do your tinsel-topped bit where you can — even just for some snazzy stocking fillers — there’s a fantastic indie directory to scroll through. If you want to cast your net a little wider, there's a great resource of small businesses and creative makers on the Girls That Make Stuff Facebook group. Simply use the search bar to look for specific gifts or peruse at your leisure.

Make your order count

Where possible, it’s great if you can avoid making multiple orders per company, else that just equates to more deliveries. Nobody said anything about the decking the halls with excess packaging! Prior plan what you need to get hold of and from where, then you might be able to double-up on what’s bundled into a box together. You’ll be kinder on your budget that way, and it’s far better for the environment as well. Win-win? I think so. 


Give social media shout-outs

If you’re working from ideas lists that family and friends have given you, but not an awful lot falls under the scope of buying locally, it’s even just worthwhile tagging the odd thing on your social media accounts to give small businesses a boost. A merry old shout-out could navigate someone you know to their site, which, in turn, could secure the business extra revenue. 


Christmas is under immense pressure to be jolly and bright this year, so if everyone can do what they can to make it that bit happier for others, it would go a long way. It might not be possible to buy everything locally, but even just one thing would be a solid start. 

Written by Imogen Goulding

Have a small business? Know any amazing small local businesses that deserve a shout out? Feel free to comment below xoxox

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