2021, the year it's all going to get better? (Trigger warning - anxiety/depression chat)

2021, the year it's all going to get better? (Trigger warning - anxiety/depression chat)

How's everyone doing?

Some days you can feel great, upbeat and productive. You might exercise, socialise online, make plans for when things get back to 'normal', have winter walks ahhh, aren't those days great? On the other side there are some days that are difficult, the days where lockdown seems endless and you're left alone with your thoughts, worries and anxieties. 

Social Media 

You might be on social media more since there's less to do now, this can be a great creative outlet, a way to keep up with everyone when you can't see them, and you can spread the word on issues you find important. On the flipside this may be when the dreaded scroll begins, the comparison to others is inevitable but as everyone knows, what you see online isn't the full picture. Before taking posts and perspectives of lives for face value, remember that this may be their coping mechanism too and usually people post the good stuff, not the shit stuff.

2021, the year of hope?

Most people wrote in their Christmas cards 'here's to a better year!' or something along those lines, I'm naturally an optimist, I'm hoping when summer comes around things will get better, a lot of us are hoping the vaccine will get us back to some sort of normal but only time will tell. But bloody hell, what a start! A national lockdown, the Capitol in America was ransacked by Trump supporters!? It's only a week in! Not to be a negative Nancy but Jesus...it's not a great start.

This lockdown will inevitably have more of an effect on our mental health, the first time it was a bit novel (not to playdown the seriousness of the situation at all), everyone took it very seriously and truly believed this would be over in a couple of months, and now here we are, almost a year later. I truly believe there's a lot of positive things that have come and can come from Covid as well as the obvious negatives, the positives deserve their own blog post which will be published soon to counteract this dreary but relevant piece!

Mental health

Dealt with mental health issues before? Anxiety and depression completely new to you? As awful as it sounds, especially now, you are not alone. Everyone is in different situations, I feel for those with children that have to take on the role of teacher, I feel for those who live alone and have little to no contact with loved ones or don't have anyone to talk to at all. A lockdown seems necessary (I'm no expert) but my god, the effect on mental health cannot be ignored, yes there's a dangerous virus about, but mental health should be taken just as seriously. I dread to think of those suffering in silence, alone, thinking of ways out. 

As mentioned before on the blog, exercise is INCREDIBLE for your mental wellbeing, whether that be yoga or a HIIT workout, these can get your endorphins flying, there's loads of free classes on YouTube and lots of groups to join, just ask your friends. 

Meditation, there's an amazing new mini series on Netflix 'Headspace Guide to Meditation' that can really help calm you in those restless moments, each episode is only 25mins, can't sleep? Pop it on, what else is there to do! I've always been rubbish at meditation but this series really walks you through it. 

Here's a copy and paste jobby of ways you can seek help, if anyone is on this blog, I would recommend sharing this section on social media, I feel like it's more relevant and needed more than ever this time round:

Did you know that if you text “Shout” to 85258 when you are feeling anxious, depressed or suicidal, a fully trained Crisis Worker will text you back immediately and will continue to text with you? Many people don’t like talking on the phone and are more comfortable when texting, It's a FREE service.
Every texter is connected with a real-life human being trained to bring people from a hot moment to a cool calm place through active listening and collaborative problem-solving. All Crisis Workers are Volunteers that are donating their time to helping people in crisis 24/7.

Alternatively Call:

Anxiety UK - 03444775774
Bipolar UK - 03333233880
Mind - 03001233393
Papyrus UK (Young suicide prevention society) - 08000684141
Young Minds - 08088025544
NSPCC - 08001111
Refuge - 08082000247
Rape crisis - 08088029999
Victim support - 08081689111


Coping with anxiety and depression with creativity

A friend of mine wrote an amazing piece about confronting destruction with creativity, this can be a great way to deal with your feelings. Get an order in at hobby craft or even have a look on Etsy, a lot of people are selling crochet kits and patterns, you could find your new thang! We've been cooking a lot more, dig out a cookbook or research some recipes online for a special evening! 

These are just a few suggestions on how you can improve your mental health in these hard times but don't put too much pressure on yourself, if you want a day out to feel these emotions you should, if you want to binge Netflix and get a fat takeaway do it! For those who are suffering more than most, please take a look at the support in red above and think about contacting a professional. 

Sending love!

In the first lockdown friends collaborated with this brand and wrote blog posts, if you have something you want to write about, something to highlight, or want to collaborate in an artsy way or social media way WHATEVER! Please get in touch, it can really help to have a little project while having that social interaction at the same time! 

Artful Sonder xoxo

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