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10 things that have changed due to Coronavirus

10 things that have changed due to Coronavirus

There's no doubt about it — the Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. For all intents and purposes, the pause button has been pressed on our lives and, like naughty schoolchildren, we've been forced to be patient while we now find ourselves in lockdown. And as we muddle through these unprecedented times (anyone else getting sick of that phrase?), we learn to adapt and create new routines. In these, plenty of little things have changed... 

1. Getting used to that face in the mirror

        I'm someone who gets up properly — call me nuts, but wearing PJ's in the daytime reminds me of being ill, so I only feel right when I'm showered and dressed in jeans, etc. But, you also can’t deny how comfy and cosy lounge wear is, so why not cast the Sunday best aside? Girls, going bra-less is also normal, right? When it comes to make-up, this is the optimum time to go clear-skinned — particularly for those of us who hit the gym daily and have noticed blemishes. I don't cake my face in a thick layer of the stuff, but I'm enjoying not wearing make-up much.


 2. Treating people in the street like zombies 

       On top of feeling born again when you step out of the house — if not a little like a dog in need of being walked — the 'one form of exercise outside a day' has its risks. I don't know why, but upon sighting a local, I've been zig-zagging across pavements, here, there and everywhere. It's like an awkward dance and every poor sod out in the wild, like yourself, is assumed to have the virus and be a threat. And that pathetic feeling of success when you manage to execute a wide berth is all part of it. 


3. Writing a shopping list aisle by aisle 

       Now, apparently 'canny' people were doing this anyway, but who's now itemising their shopping list aisle by aisle? Guilty. It makes sense. In times of a one-in, one-out system in a supermarket, we need to think cleverly in order to act smart. You've got a chance to shop for everything you're after, so you have to be ready to grab and go to pay. 

4. Working with your partner or family members 

      Isn't it weird, hearing your other half, parents, siblings or housemates on the phone? Even weirder watching them compose themselves and hide that pack of biscuits before a video meeting starts. Now you're sharing a desk with this person or people, they're even more annoying, sure, but you certainly realise how good they are at their jobs.  


5. Running out of tea or coffee

       Never thought you'd run out of that bottomless tea supply? Well, it's happened to me, so I'm guessing it has you, too. It's funny how many times you'll check the same cupboard to see whether a box of Yorkshire Tea has magically appeared. But there's only one fix for it: get it on the shopping list! And be prepared to pay a pretty penny. 


6. Snacking like there's no tomorrow

        I remember thinking now might be an easy way to get a bit leaner, but in actual fact, it's become one big comfort-eating exercise. So much so, I even bloody well ditched Lent three weeks in! I'm a real fiend for chocolate, so I gave the good stuff up before Easter. But sorry folks, I'm calling in mitigated circumstances here.



7. Pretending to be a yoga or Pilates guru

       Yoga and Pilates are low-intensity workouts that are incredibly good for you. So, it's hardly surprising people who've never tried them before are getting stuck into virtual classes. I've been doing Pilates for about six months now and, while I'm no expert, I'm pleased to know what I'm doing. I've also shown my Mum the ropes and now she can't get enough. 


8. Justifying an Easter egg as an 'essential item'

        I've already confessed to failing at Lent this year, so I'm proud to say I'm among those who consider chocolate something essential to buy from the shop. I get that nipping up the road just for an Easter egg goes against the whole 'staying in', but if you're already in a supermarket, yep, those sugary spheres of deliciousness are going in the trolley. 


9. Using "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" as an excuse

        I do appreciate that excessive drinking isn't a top idea right now. It's bad for your liver, general health and mental wellbeing, but is it something we should totally rule out? No, I don't agree with that. It brings a little joy and simulates a Friday night with your pals, so I think the clock just struck five...


10. Accepting that nothing is certain 

        This last point isn't meant to sound morbid. I'm someone that doesn't believe promises until they've been enacted, where possible, which means it isn't easy to trust in everything being okay. But, ultimately, it's worth holding onto hope. I do think, for sanity's sake, it's best to accept that nothing's certain, take each day as it comes and be bloody thankful for what you've got. 


Written by Imogen Goulding 

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  • So true!


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